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Is The Most Common Color For Kitchen Cabinets White?

These colors are available for kitchen cabinets—white, blue, red, yellow, gold, orange, and almost any other color you can think of among the spectrum of colors, all of which are available at paint stores in their Pantone scales. On this basis, the choice of color for your kitchen cabinets can seem daunting. Almost as bewildering […]

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets: White, Black or Something in Between?

You’ve already chosen to go with painted kitchen cabinets rather than stained cabinetry. But now comes the even harder choice, do you go with kitchen cabinets with white paint, black paint, or some other color in between? In recent kitchen cabinet style history, with all the different trends for kitchen cabinetry that come and go, […]

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Kitchen Cabinets: White Ideas for your Kitchen

If you are looking for a dramatic change for your kitchen, you should go white. Having a kitchen that is a majority white can be absolutely stunning when done right. As the main component of your kitchen is your kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets are a great start to achieving a white kitchen. Take a […]

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