Painted Kitchen Cabinets: White, Black or Something in Between?

You’ve already chosen to go with painted kitchen cabinets rather than stained cabinetry. But now comes the even harder choice, do you go with kitchen cabinets with white paint, black paint, or some other color in between?

In recent kitchen cabinet style history, with all the different trends for kitchen cabinetry that come and go, having kitchen cabinets with white paint or off-white paint is one trend that almost never goes away. White kitchen cabinets are nearly always a popular choice because they give off the air that the kitchen is clean and fresh. And being clean and fresh are probably the two most important characteristics for a kitchen to have! On the other hand, some people don’t like to have their kitchen cabinets white because this means extra maintenance. Having kitchen cabinets with white paint is a hassle for some people with messy dogs or small kids, for example.

If you’ve decided that having white kitchen cabinets aren’t for you, what about black painted kitchen cabinetry? If you fit into the messy pets and small children category, having black kitchen cabinets must seem like the way to go. Dirt and spills that would instantly show up on white cabinets would definitely be masked by black cabinets. However, black kitchen cabinets don’t fit in every type of kitchen. If your kitchen is on the smaller side or doesn’t get much light, for example, black cabinets might not be the best choice. They generally look best in kitchens that are light, open and airy.

So if painted kitchen cabinets of white or black paint are out, how about something in between? For those feeling bold and daring, bright yellows, greens, blues and reds might be a great choice for your kitchen. If you decided to go bold and bright, just make sure you carefully match the walls and floors as well.acheter les bougies massages en ligneпосуда для кухни москвакаркасные дома солнечный домкаркасные дома, проектыкилиманджаро где находитсяАзия нужна ли виза украинцамрнр каркасные дома сайт??? hard case macbook pro 13best car cover porsche 911vibromasseur prixюристы онлайнсколько стоит рекламный баннерпаллетоупаковщик купитьпродвижение сайтовsun shade car attachment tailgateRock Motor Car Charger 3 USB 4.8A Black/Goldenи планшетовМоноблок AppleDISLA Assassin 821

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