Kitchen Cabinets: White Ideas for your Kitchen

If you are looking for a dramatic change for your kitchen, you should go white. Having a kitchen that is a majority white can be absolutely stunning when done right. As the main component of your kitchen is your kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets are a great start to achieving a white kitchen. Take a look at these “white ideas” for your kitchen and see how far you’d like to take your white kitchen.

Idea #1: Kitchen cabinets white, floors dark. Install dark floors, like deep brown hardwood floors with white kitchen cabinets. White and dark contrasting against each other will add a whole new dimension to your kitchen. If you prefer tile flooring, try big bold dark patterned tiles, like big red diamonds. Again, the contrast between your white kitchen cabinets and your darker flooring will make your kitchen cabinets look even whiter and cleaner.

Idea #2: The all time classic: black and white. You really can’t go wrong with this timeless design. Install kitchen cabinets that are white with black countertops. Go with black and white tiled flooring. Add in stainless steel appliances and touches of color in your drapery, dishes, and table linens. Your kitchen will look like classic perfection.

Idea #3: Totally, 100% white. This means everything – the kitchen floor, your kitchen set, and kitchen cabinets: white. Even the walls white. Sound like an insane asylum? Well, it is a little bit insane to go all white. But it can be oh so beautiful when done correctly. Adding hints of color in all the right places is key. Think: Bright, fresh fruit in colorful mixtures on the kitchen island. Grandiose and gorgeous flower arrangements contrasting against the whiteness of your counters. Or apple red plates set around your table. Play around with different bold colors, and you will be surprised at how beautiful your all white kitchen can be.посуда санкт петербургдайвинг пхукет andamanтехнология каркасно щитового домасковорода с керамическим покрытием биолнгоронгоро в апрелеleather macbook pro caseмикрофон родеумные часы цена в россиикаркасные дома строимthe seo engineотдых в танзании ценыраскрутка сайтовюридическая фирмаsun protection cardiganоптовая продажа посудыcowon iaudio 10 32gbукладка паркета на стяжку без фанерыLIVERPOOL EVOQUE W2357

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